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Title Enrique Martinez Celaya
Publisher Radius Books
ISBN 1934435716
label Radius Books
Creator Enrique Martinez Celaya, Irene Hofmann
Release 2013-08-01
Type Hardcover
Brand Radius Books
Pages 212
Price £40.40
Category Museums & Collections

Just continuing to be, Enrique Martinez Celaya will come quickly. You do not miss the released date. Then, you can get the electronic book and obtain the worth from guide. Guide will be your close friend in your quietness.In the summer of 2013, SITE Sante Fe presents a new project by Enrique Martinez Celaya (born 1964) entitled “The Pearl.” For this exhibition, Martinez Celaya transforms all 15,000 square feet of SITE’s gallery space into an immersive installation environment that includes several large and small-scale paintings, sculptures, video, waterworks and olfactory interventions. This exhibition integrates many of the elements and ideas that the artist has engaged with over the last several years. For this project, the artist takes the notion of home as both a point of departure and a destination to craft a multisensory experience that is an extended metaphor for a journey of emotional and psychological reflection. Visitors experience the installation in a specific sequence that allows a multilevel narrative to unfold coherently. This volume records the conception of the work with drawings and studio photos, as well as installation images of the final work.
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